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close| distant, sound installation

close| distant

is a walk-in sound installation based on theproximity organ‘, an interactive sonic instrument developed for this project. The interaction design is based on years of experience in therapeutic study of the human nervous system and the individual’s reactions to proximity and touch. read more

the proximity organ, instrument

The proximity organ

combines the pipe organ and the Theremin. The pipes are at the same time sound generators and sensors for proximity that control the amount of air. Therefore composers and musicians gain direct accesss to overtones and noise. A small amount of air creates soft overtones, fffffrrrrs, humming and hissing, closeness a full note sound. read more

sound installations 2005-2021

die toenen, reactive 6 channel sound-installation, with Agnes Hvizdalek and Thomas Grill, Foto: Julia Tatzreiter

they sound

is an interactive sound installation that understands improvised music as a living organism. Visitors find it in inconspicuous places. It rests hidden in the background and reacts empathetically and attentively to its surroundings. Drawing from a vocabulary of short arrangements and sonic gestures, it comments on its acoustic environment and reacts emotionally to its expressions – with approval, disgust, boredom, withdrawal or joy, not to mention its preference for the element of surprise. read more

looks like music, multichannel sound installation with Noid and Stefan Fraunberger

looks like music

is a graphic notation in space. It is based on the formalization and spatial reproduction of found structures. Looks like music assumes that those are graphically notated music. The installation consists of black textile tapes and an interpretation for cello and double bass, which is played via transducers, over the tapes and the floor. read more

about life and death of neutron stars and TV-sets, audiovisual installation, with Franz Xaver,
Medienkunstlabor Graz Foto: Michael Michlmayr

About the life and death of neutron stars and TV sets

scales the cosmically large to the size of consumer electronics. A composition of pulsar signals and the live stream from Franz Xavers‘ RT03 radio telescope is fed into converted black-and-white television sets. The devices are modified in such a way that the electron beam, which otherwise reproduces the television picture in lines, is concentrated on a point in the center of the screen. Applying a stereo signal causes this point to deflect in the X and Y directions, creating a rotating body. The electron beam slowly destroys the device – burns the screen – until it goes out with a final bright twitch – a micronova. read more

like you up there, multichannel sound installation, with Esther Pils, Chukwudi Chime, Benjamin Omerzell, Martin Eberle & Christian Reiner.

Like you up there

is a contribution to the acoustic land art project: ‚RAPTOR Reloaded‘ by the artist group Alien Productions. Bird defense systems in vineyards are played with electro-acoustic music. This piece deals with the phenomenon of flocking behavior. The acoustic message to the starlings is: ‚Fuck off! This place is ours!‘. The counter-swarms were arranged from improvised music: voice, violin, synthisizer & trumpet. read more

‚i think those are critters up there‘, reactive, multichannel sound installation in public space

I think those are critters up there

is an interactive sound installation for public spaces that attempts to form a swarm of grotesque animals from experimental music. The swarm communicates with each other on the one hand and with the environment on the other. This work is a cooperation with Susanna Gartmayr on the contra alto clarinet. read more

other work


bread for a sentence

– a piece of paper with a written sentence or a drawing is exchanged for a slice of bread, according to the German phrase ‚für ein Butterbrot arbeiten‘ – ‚to work for a buttered bread. Sitting opposite each other, making contact, entering into a production process, doing intellectual work in order to be rewarded for it. read more

found some magic – series of analogue black and white photographs, 80×80

found some magic

a series of analog black & white photographs read more

a radio piece in cooperation with Andrea Sodomka

mother/ anti-mother

is a radio piece that explores questions regarding the change in working methods and the self-image of artistic mothers, as well as the fear of the incompatibility of being an artist and being a mother. The decision to live other life models than the ‚classic‘ mother role was the logical consequence for many, just a few years ago, is that different today? read more

The Nickelsdorf monster – Shortfilm starring Seijiro Murajama, Foto: Heike Kaltenbrunner

The nickelsdorf monster

Swimming in the small lake near Nickelsdorf has always been a thrill as well as a delight. Since the early 1950s, rumors have persisted about a monster living in the lake. This tragicomedy is about scientific research on this creature. read more

sweet dreams wanderer – shortfilm, with Susanna Gartmayr of Contra-alto Saxophone, Foto: Heike Kaltenbrunner

Sweet dreams wanderer

a praise to pausing and post-sports. read more

‚Platz der Freundschaft‘ with Shira Carmel,
concept for the redesign of Dr. Karl Lueger Platz in Vienna, Picture: Miriam Mone

Friendship square

is a submission for the redesign of the Karl Lueger Platz in Vienna. Since the square’s namesake, the former mayor of Vienna Karl Lueger, was a anti-Semitic populist, the University of Applied Arts Vienna announced a competition in 2009 to redesign the monument into a „memorial against anti-Semitism and racism in Austria“. read more